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Wild Card: Treats from Maranello

written by Lola Famuyiwa
Wild Card: Treats from Maranello

I saw this cute little car near the World Trade Center — by Broadway and Church St., to be exact. It’s a formula one grand prix race car from the 1950s. 

It turns out it’s a Ferrari! (Ferrari headquarters are in Maranello, Italy, thus the post title.) Under the world-famous “prancing horse” logo are the initials “S.F.,” which I found out stands for “Scuderia Ferrari,” Ferrari’s automotive racing team. Along the side you can make out the name “Alberto Ascari,” who was a racing driver who won 2 world championships for S.F.; this was probably his car.

Also note the Puma swoosh along the side. Puma is a long-time sponsor of Scuderia Ferrari, and makes a variety of Ferrari co-branded apparel, including these sweet sneakers (and, I’m told, actual racing boots):

Some more pictures of the car:

Now that’s a nice million dollar fashion accessory to go with your hundred dollar Puma shoes. Would make an amazing Father’s Day gift, I bet!

Special thanks to my ‘Seyi’ for furnishing the racing information.


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