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I love the fall, when summer flowers wither and green leaves turn red, orange, and yellow. I love watching cold frosty winds blow away carpets of crunchy umber leaves. Here are a few of my favorite things about autumn.

  1. A cozy apartment filled with warmth – I love walking into an apartment filled with holiday scents. 
  2.  Sitting in bustling Manhattan cafés sipping hot chocolate while I catch up my favorite blogs.
  3. Long leisurely walks by the water – I love long leisurely walks along Manhattan’s East River.  I usually walk from East 63rd street and York to East 120th street and I love every minute of it.  Carl Schurz Park is conveniently located on East 86 street and it is one of my favorite parks.  I sometimes stop at this park and sit on one of the benches overlooking the water. 
  4. Fashion week in NYC
  5. Apple picking – This is on my to do list but I think I’ll wait until my son is older (he is 10 months old)
  6. Updating my wardrobe and beauty routine – trading summer dresses and open toe shoes for trench coats, boots, scarves, and tights. Retiring my summer beauty routine for one more appropriate for fall.

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