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A Drop of Golden Sun…

written by Lola Famuyiwa


A few weeks ago, encouraged by the early signs of spring: shoots long and lush, the rustling of grass and the sweet smell of May’s first flowers. I bundled up my son and headed to the boogie down Bronx to meet with my friend and fellow blogger Kahyzen for what was to be my first outfit photo shoot. Kahyzen’s daughter Yum Yum is roughly the same age as Tiger so it was going to be a play date and Mommy date rolled up in one.

Unfortunately half way through the drive I realized I forgot my SD memory card for my camera at home. I debated if I should turn the car around to pick it up but I decided against it. I would pick up a new card instead and, who knows, maybe Kahyzen would have one I could use. And she did! But it wasn’t the right fit. While trying to remove the memory card it got stuck. My camera was damaged and I couldn’t use it.

We decided to make the best of a bad situation and head over to the park anyway, so the kids could play and get some air. Overall it turned out to be a lovely day. Tiger had so much fun running around and exploring the park with Yum Yum. We also stopped by the baby swings and I couldn’t wait for Tiger’s first ride. I was so sure he would love every minute…

Newsflash: He HATED every minute on the swing, I had to take him off promptly. The minute I took him off he was a happy camper. I guess he is not yet ready for the swing and that is okay by me.

Take a look at the pictures. Those of you familiar with New York, can you guess part of the Bronx the pictures were taken in?



Jacket Topshop/Zara tee-shirt/Zara shoes/ Zara handbag/

The pictures above were taken with my IPhone 4S. Thanks Kahyzen for the beautiful pictures.

Answer: Pelham Parkway, Ben Abrams Playground

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