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written by Lola Famuyiwa
On Instagram
Around the Girl is on Instagram
My ID badge from the Lucky FABB conference; a yummy raspberry tart from Financier (you can read more about it here); Tiger in his Spider-man outfit on Halloween; some fresh roses from Dahlia at Grand Central Station; a walk through Bryant Park on my commute home; delicious petit four from Financier; dinner at Boi na Brasa Churrascaria with friends, and Tiger who slept through it; showing off my baubles and ESQ Movado watch; a gift from Neuhaus; lunch with NYC bloggers; sampling Neuhaus limited edition chocolate; and, lastly, myself in Venice wearing a beautiful dress by Club Monaco

A peek behind the scenes of Around the Girl in 80 Ways.

Around the Girl is a collection of narratives, formed of my experiences over time, mostly related to fashion, food and lifestyle. The posts presented here are the result of a fair bit of work; over on Instagram I have a more fluid, continuous chronicle. What ends up on these pages is often drawn from my feed, as well as other photos I haven’t shared anywhere.

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