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Giro Giro Corto Film Festival

written by Lola Famuyiwa
Giro Giro Corto Film Festival

Last week I attended the GiroGiroCorto film festival in Rome, Italy to support a good friend, Lola Okusami, writer, producer, and director of the short movie, Gone Nine Months which was a short selection for the Better Future Category. Coming back for its second year, the Giro Giro Corto festival aims to foster integration and promote cultural exchange through cinema. The festival was organized by Matteo Bonanni, a director working and living in Paris and Gianlorenzo Lombardi, a lifelong cinephile.

Most of the films shown were in Italian with one French entry and Lola Okusami’s English language film, Gone Nine Months. Despite the language barrier, I enjoyed the festival as would anyone that is receptive towards films of all languages and genre.  On Wednesday,  Giro Giro Corto announced the winner for the “Better Future” category and amazingly, Gone Nine Months, won! Congratulations to the cast and crew!

Before the festival, I had the opportunity to interview Lola Okusami and the film score composer, Alessandro Mastroianni, who resides in Rome.

Director, Lola Okusami, and score composer, Alessandro Mastroianni, 
discussing the work that went into producing each frame.

For the full video, for Gone Nine Months click Gone Nine Months.Congratulations to all the Filmmakers in this year’s line-up!

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