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Hello, 2018!

written by Lola Famuyiwa
Hello, 2018!

2018 greetingHappy New Year!  I hope your first week of 2018 has been wonderful so far. Here are three topics you can expect from my blog this year.  

1. Travel  

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In 2006 I had the opportunity to go on my first solo international trip. I discovered my passion for exploring different cultures and meeting new people.  For the past eleven years, I have averaged about two trips a year and I have visited twenty-three countries so far. I hope to visit more beautiful destinations and share my experience on this blog.  In the meantime here are some throwback posts from the archives. 

Seattle     Texas     San Antonio     Venice

2. Lifestyle and Food


One of the advantages of living in a city as diverse as New York is the abundance of varied cuisine. I will be sharing posts about my adventures and misadventures on the food scene in the New York City metro area and beyond. Click the links to read my restaurant/cafe reviews.

 Elysian Cafe   Chocolate Tasting with Neuhaus  BREWSHOT  Brewshot Redux  Sunday Brunch

3. Treasure hunt


I am on a quest to find the right pieces for my wardrobe.  I will share my favorite finds as I work on building a classic, timeless wardrobe.  

Happy New Year!

Thank you for visiting. I wish you a prosperous and adventure-packed 2018! 








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