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Lunch at: Old Ottoman’s Cafe & Restaraunt

written by Lola Famuyiwa
Lunch at: Old Ottoman’s Cafe & Restaraunt


Old Ottoman Cafe and Restaurant
Address: Cagaloglu Hamam Sokak No 17/J, Istanbul 34122, Turkey

Before touring the Haggai Sophia, we stopped at Old Ottoman’s Cafe and Restaurant, a diner, with authentic Turkish cuisine for lunch. Tucked in a tiny alley and off the main street from the major attractions, the restaurant offers a wide range of dishes. For starters, we had pita bread with fresh farm olives.  I recommend the clay pot kebabs which comes with a generous serving of veggies, beef, nuts, and spices cooked over a live flame. Our meal came with a free Turkish dessert; a semolina-based crumble topped with vanilla ice cream, and a chocolate drizzle served with apple tea.  

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