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How I care for my hair when wearing Extensions

written by Lola Famuyiwa
How I care for my hair when wearing Extensions

When it come to my Afro hair, one of the things I love is how versatile it can be. I can braid it, twist it, wear it natural, or add extensions for length. That said, Afro hair is very fragile and prone to breakage if not properly cared for. Today I am sharing how I maintain a healthy scalp when wearing extensions.

1. Healthy Scalp (Pre-Cleanse)

For a healthy scalp I often reach for one of two products, the Rene Furterer Complex 5, (a detoxifying pre-shampoo treatment made with orange and lavender essential oils.) or Phyto’s Phytopolléine, a Botanical Scalp Treatment. Over the course of the week and in between washes, I get product build up which can clog my pores. Before washing, I pre-cleanse by applying and massaging Complex 5 or phytopolléine into my scalp. Both work to remove product build-up and increase microcirculation which opens up the pores and increase the efficacy of subsequent treatments. I have been using these products since my college days and absolutely love the results. Both have a strong smell but that does not bother me. For shampoo, I love the Phyto PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Shampwoo. I always opt for hydrating shampoos because of my dry scalp. I recently received a trial size of the Leonore Greyl Shampooing Crème Moelle De Bambou , which is also great for dry hair. I absolutely love the smell! What can I say I love French Pharmacy products.

2. Conditioning & Strengthening

To strengthen my hair I have been using Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer which promises elasticity, manageability, and bounce. This is a fairly new product for me. I received a 1.35 oz travel size in my Net-a-Porter beauty calendar last year. I love how soft my natural hair becomes after using this product. I can easily run a comb through my hair, and I only need a pea size amount.

3. Moisture

For moisture I reach for the Briogeo Rosarco Milk, a reparative leave-in conditioner with no silicone, sulphates and parabens. And Phytospecific curl legend, a daily ultra hydration cream.

4. Shine

I like Phytospecific’s Styling and Nourishing Pomade because it is light weight and it gets the job done.

5. Reduce breakage

To reduce breakage and maintain moisture while I sleep. I tie a silk scarf (when I remember!) to protect my hair and minimize frizz.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. You can watch my Wash Day Routine video HERE. Let me know what you think and if you’ve tried any of the products I mentioned. Feel free to share your go-to- hair products with me.

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