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    Glamour WOMEN of the YEAR Summit 2019

    On November 10th I attended Glamour’s Women of the Year Summit, a two-day event celebrating leaders and change-makers who are pushing the world forward. This year’s event was held at the Lincoln Center in New York City.

    The Summit

    Packed with many impressive speakers, topics ranged from #MeToo two years later, to embracing your ambition as a woman. One of my favorite sessions was about the stories that spurred the #MeToo movement; I listened as Megan Twohey, investigative reporter and author, shared breaking the Harvey Weinstein story. When asked, “how do you get people to open up to you, especially people who have so much on the line?” Twohey explained, “I have done a lot of work on victims of sex crimes and I share what has worked for me in the past. The case that I have made is:

    “We can’t change what has happened to you in the past, but if you work with us and we’re able to publish the truth, we might be able to protect other people, we might be able to turn your present pain into some sort of constructive public use.”

    Megan Twohey

    (L-R) Megan Twohey, Tanya Selvaratnam, Carrie Goldberg, and Zain Asher onstage at the 2019 Glamour Women of the Year Summit in New York City. 
    Image: Lola Famuyiwa/Around the Girl Blog 

    This was a profound session that took stock of what has and hasn’t changed in the wake of #MeToo, but also celebrated the courage of the women who stepped forward and spoke their truth.

    Another favorite from the morning session was the conversation with advice columnist and author, E. Jean Carroll, and award-winning actress, Judith Light, especially when the topic turned to HIV and AIDS research. Judith was a public advocate during the early days of the AIDS crisis, when there were a lot of negative beliefs, feelings, and attitudes towards those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. As someone working in healthcare, I was humbled as Judith described the dread the public had back then, such as, families disowning their children and the misconceptions that health practitioners had in regards to touching patients.

    From the afternoon session, “My Go Big Moment: I Chose Surrogacy” by the comedian and podcaster Michelle Buteau was powerful and touching. With the help of surrogacy, Buteau and her husband welcomed twins. Buteau’s final words to the audience were, “It might not be the way you planned or want, but never give up!

    The Experience

    (L-R) New York Times best-selling author Tomi Adeyemi and Glamour’s senior editor Mattie Kahn discuss Adeyemi’s award-winning phenomenon, Children of Blood and Bone, at Glamour’s Women of the Year Summit in New York City.
    Image: Lola Famuyiwa/Around the Girl Blog

    All attendees had the option to reserve a spot and attend one of six events taking place around NYC after the summit. These events, called “Experiences” were led by female authors, actors, and experts. I narrowed my options down to two, Book Club with Tomi Adeyemi, and Power Styling with Veronica Beard. The book club with Tomi Adeyemi was fantastic! The New York Times best-selling author sat down with Glamour’s senior editor, Mattie Kahn, to discuss her book, Children of Blood and Bone. Attendees were given a signed copy of the book, and I will be doing a giveaway soon. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the summit, and I look forward to attending next year.

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